Funding for Cape Breton Legions Announced

Sydney-Whitney Pier MLA Derek Mombourquette has announced more than $69,000 in funding for eight legions across Cape Breton.

Mombourquette made the announcement today at the Whitney Pier legion.

“This money will be used for much-needed repairs to legions across the island,” said Mr. Mombourquette. “Legions are important gathering places in so many communities here in Cape Breton and this funding will help extend their lifespans so they can continue to serve the communities and our veterans.”

The following legions have had renovation projects approved through the Legion Capital Assistance Program:

Whitney Pier Legion – Branch #128 – $10,000
East Bay Legion – Branch #151 – $1,382
Dominion Legion – Branch #78 – $10,000
Grandona Legion – Branch #124 – $10,000
Westside Legion – Branch #126 – $10,000
Florence Legion – Branch #83 – $10,000
L’Ardoise Legion – Branch #110 – $10,000
Ashby Legion – Branch #138 – $7,717

The funding will go toward a number of renovation projects including heat pump installations, roof repairs and electrical work.